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News & Media:

UK Indymedia
A network of individuals, independent and alternative media activists and organisations, offering grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues:

an online resource of news, opinion and information.

party & protest, free weekly direct action news-sheet:

the news you dont see on the news:

Corporate Watch
corporate critical research since 1996:

Urban 75 e-zine
bulletin boards, games, photos, protest, rave, drugs & more :

325 Collective
an insurgent anti-prison zine of social war & anarchy,
published underground for the last 5 years:

Clearer Channel
an online video project which encourages viewers to download and transmit video for social change:

news with a kick:

Ethical Consumer
the UK's alternative consumer organisation:

Organisations & Action:

Leave it in the ground
coal action network:

Climate Camp
for anyone who wants to take action on climate change:

Antifa UK
UK anti Facist action:

Defy ID
a network for active resistance against ID cards and related issues:

Manchester Anarchist Federation:

No Borders network
freedom of movement and equal rights for all:

Manchester No Borders:

Earth First
Action Reports:

Manchester Animal Protection
fighting animal abuse in the north west:

Rising Tide UK
taking action on the root causes of climate change:

Sea Shepherd
ocean wildlife and habitat conservation society:

Smash EDO campaign:

Campaign Against Arms Trade
working for the reduction and ultimate abolition of the international arms trade:

Greenpeace UK:

No Sweat
fighting sweatshop bosses all around the world:

Faslane Peace Camp
in existence since 1982 to non-violently oppose the presence of nuclear weapons at Faslane Naval Base on the Clyde,:

Reclaim the streets (London)
Includes: Street parties, a comprehensive guide on how to!

Home of the blackspot revolution, blackspot shoes and subvertising.

hijacking public places for games, art, parties n the like


Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS)
an unpaid collective of workers who have been running a daily advice service for squatters and homeless people since 1975:


Kebele Communtity co-op (Bristol)
a community co-operative, run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis, providing an alternative social space:

UK social centres network

Radical Routes
A uk based network of housing co-ops, worker co-ops and social centres :

Eco-Village Network UK
an information resource for sustainable communities:

I bike MCR
a grassroots cycling community based in Manchester:

Under the Pavement
anarchy on the airwaves, Manchesters radical radio show:

Freeparties and Soundsystems:

Party Vibe
Party Vibe is a dance music culture forum and the meeting place for ravers and party people

Bristol Ravers Directory

Soundsystem design and geek talk

One eye on the road
Festival, Traveling and environmental archives

PA hire department of the mighty GASHcollective

Manchester freeparty crew and soundsystem. Jungle is massive.

Preston Madhatters Collective
Free Party crew based in Preston Catering to Hardhouse and Techno

Psy-Trance in amazing UV playgrounds

Stunning psychedelic parties

Strange daze
Manchester based psy party crew

Manchester party crew and soundsystem

Sprial tribe
Real deal Freeparty crew from back in the day

Dub Smugglers
Jah Rastafari Manchester Reggae Soundsystem

Drug awareness and keeping safe:

Dance Safe
Promoting health and safety within the freeparty and nightclub community

a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the real dangers of repeated exposure to excessive noise levels

helps young people understand the dangers of drug use and make responsible decisions

A large drug discussion forum

do it now
This non-profit has been working to prevent youth drug abuse for over 30 years

How Alcohol Affects the Adolescent brain
An interesting article that a young lady from a local youth group suggested we share.

Body Modification:

The biggest and best tattoo, Piercing and bodymodification site since 1994

Propaganda Publishers and Distros:

decentralized anarchist collective spreading propaganda and literature

Active distribution
DIY, Politics, Action

AK press
Anarchist and activist books, magazines pamphlets and journals

Microcosm publishing

Natterjack Press

Corndog publishing

See Sharp Press

Urban Exploration:

28 days later
UK urban exploration forums

Urban Sickness

Dark Places
UK urban exploration forums

Forlorn Britain
Southwales and UK Urban Exploration and photography

If you would like to swap links, or think weve missed any important ones,
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